Sunday, December 17, 2006

We are experiencing blog-lag, please stand by.......

I had another post ready to go, one of my very best, no, make that THE post of all posts, the post that is SURE to put me in the top 1000 of all blogs, but since I have already gotten ahead of myself, I have to wait until the comments have caught up with my last posts in order to restore balance to my karma and the universe, thus avoiding a catastrophic failure of the laws of physics, which will make posting this next, might I say, specTACULAR post, all but impossible, based on the laws of relativity AND probability, as well as a few 80-odd year old laws still on the books in Alabama that really should have been thrown out with the horse and buggy. So, please do not allow this non-post to register in your conscious mind; just promptly forget you read it and allow my suggestion that you catch up on your comments to those last posts as soon as you can access them overtake your purpose in life so that I can post this next great post of epic proportions for your reading pleasure. Well, I'm ASSUMING you take pleasure from them. Yes, I have suspected for some time now that masochists gravitate towards my blog in order to enjoy the endorphins that suffering through it can produce, but I am stating right now that this theory is nothing more than a nasty rumor started by someone trying to suggest that "These Thoughts Escape Me" should be captured and locked up for good, the key thrown away, and pure, innocent minds protected for all time from my poisonous propaganda.

Well, anyway, I need to curtail this non-post, lest it stray into the realm of genuine discourse, which would totally screw up the reason I began typing this drivel to begin with. Remember, you needn't worry yourself about what it is I need you to do, since embedded within this post-which-isn't-really-a-post are hypnotic suggestions which will take over at the appropriate time and cause you to rush over and comment like crazy, after which any guilt you might have suffered from having to be manipulated into doing so will magically dissipate. See? Now you know why you love this blog so much!


Me said...

Translation: It has been a boring day and you didn't have even a hint of an idea what you were going to write about but still had this almost over powering urge to communicate with you myriad loyal readers who would be devastated beyond all reason if you failed to write and not wanting to let them down you chained yourself to the slavemaster and began to randomly run your manly fingers across the keyboard until at last you had once again created chaos where none had existed.

Or something like that.

The Michael said...

DAMN! you're close! Actually, I DID have a nice post ready to go, but it seemed to much to early, so I came up with some filler, "with my MANLY fingers....hehe....."

Do I KNOW you?

Oh, and thanks for humoring me with that "myriad loyal readers who would be devestated beyond all reason". It really warmed my heart to hear someone else actually say that....grin.

whitesnake said...

I haven't heard so much dribble since I read my last post!

Surely this is not a pissing contest to see who can out dribble who!

Come now Sir!
You can NOT DREAM of competing with the dribble I write.

I spend countless hrs working on my dribble so as to bore, frustrate and anger those who read.
Have you any fucking idea how difficult it is to act so uneducated and so uninterested so uncaring so, so, so dribbly?????

Taken me a life time, and here is you trying to take my place, I'll be fucked if ya will!

By the mighty hordes of anthill may you continually be cursed with bringing interesting, witty,educated. thought prvoking, humorous posts that bring so much to so many who read even when it is ........just dribble.

Not very good dribble, might I ad!

Wipe that smile off ya dial, that's not the dribble I was referring too!

Oh Wipe ya chin...........

Buffalo said...

In case you're wondering, me is Buffalo logged on improperly. I was working on my niece's blog today and didn't log off her ID.

Oh well.

The Michael said...

I KNEW I knew ME, I mean YOU......oh....nevermind.

Snake, may my dribel forever lash your eyes with it's supreme dribbleness that you might always count on experiencing the dribble that only THE Michael in all his glory can provide! (I wiped)

Well, that's two comments. Only five more and I can unleash the hounds of post!

gautami tripathy said...

Post away, buddy!

darlingina said...

laughs.... then mops up the floor. Thanks Sir, just what i needed today.
Another of Your loyal, faithful readers,

Miss said...

An artistic excuse, but still, an excuse!

Miss Cellania

Buffalo said...

Not to be the spelling police, but it is drivel, not dribble.

What can you say? I'm bored and have a weeks worth of posts finished.

The Michael said...

I would like to thank the Great HOWDINI for his carefully crafted post-hypnotic htm-suggestions that worked so remarkably well, and my loyal fans who in concert produced the number of comments necessary to appease me.......THANKS guys!

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...




boop beep boop

littleone said...

The Michael .. wait wait.. i haven't commented yet......
since embedded within this post-which-isn't-really-a-post are hypnotic suggestions

i knew it !! i knew it!! i just warned Tim ID.. there is a conspiracy going on here.. it isn't just our minds you are after.. it is our poor lil defenseless pc's.. they crash and you magically appear talking about Mac's... and now i have caught YOU at it..

a post hypnotic suggestion that works on pc's ummmmmmmm now that IS something !!!