Sunday, December 24, 2006

Post Yule, Something or another Eve........

Being the blasphemous pagan that I am, I am working a three day stint including Christmas day to nail down some lucrative overtime and bonus pay, so I don't have much time for posting. It's been an interesting Yule to say the least, and maybe I'll attempt to apprise the comedy later.

My glasses broke on me, at work, leaving me practically blind, but the wife and a twin came to rescue me and return me home. Timothy Leary would have envied the light show I was treated to in the passenger seat on the way home. If you are extremely nearsighted like me, take a ride through the streets at night in the passenger seat without your glasses, your better half driving, of course, and you'll know what I mean.

Have a happy whatever you're having! And may whatever God or Gods you acknowledge have mercy on your party-hearty soul!


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I have been glasses-less and in your shoes & you're right, Tim Leary would be jealous!!

In this household we're having a very merry Christmas.

Much peace to you & The Wife!


Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

May we all have a happy New Year as well! Will try the no glasses trip soon before all the Christmas lights come down.

ooooohhhh. I see tracers!

whitesnake said...

That commentary from the back seat of the car was by The Micheal not the micheal.
This is a common error among bloggers of note.

There for what he was trying to say was..........happy what ever it is ya celebrate.

Buffalo said...

Alas, poor Timothy. I may have met him at some point in the distant past.

Smoke the yule log, bro.