Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Night's Alright

Ahhhhh, the bagpipes, one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated instruments ever invented. It seems that many instruments have limited applicability when it comes to what kind of music you can play with each. However, any instrument that can play "Amazing Grace" and "It's a long way to the Top (When you want to rock and roll)" with equal aplomb is alright by me! File this observation with the rest of your "I don't know how to respond to THAT" thoughts.......

The wife has returned from her exhausting job at shoe department hell to a dinner I've thrown together of barbecue sauce marinaded chicken breast, corn, and baked potatoes. She tells me how wonderful it is and I'm grateful she hasn't had a point of reference in so long to know any better. After the meal, we lighted just about every candle in the house, opened a couple of windows as not to suffocate, and turned the lights out, while listening to "A Prairie Home Companion " . We've adapted to a slower, more meaningful pace since our income qualified for the endangered species act, After the radio program (radio program: an ancient form of entertainment utilizing sound and imagination, high definition visuals provided courtesy of excellent writing) we'll crank up the high RPM silver platter and watch The Lake House, a movie having something to do with a house on a lake, I imagine.
Twenty, thirty years ago, if you'd told me I'd be content with such an evening, I'd hath protested too much, being the clueless youth predicting so much more in those halcyon days of high expectations without a road map to guide me to an understanding of things that matter. I must confess, however, that IN those times, anything was possible. I had yet to be introduced to probability.

It was a good movie.


Buffalo said...

How about listening to Three Irish Tenors singing Danny Boy and reading East of Eden by Steinbeck?

darlingina said...

All in all... sounds like a great day. I'll have to be sure and put that movie on my "to watch" list. Keaneau Reeves, yummmmie... it's gotta be good.
Love & Peace,

THE Michael said...

I think you'll like it, gina.