Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Breaking Ground

It has been rather gratifying to see the response to my idea of creating a comfortable little fire for all of us to gather round. The comments have ranged from enthusiastic to ornery, which reflects the nature of our distinct personalities. As of yet not everyone has responded, or did not offer a name as of yet, but it IS the holidays and some people really have had better things to do, so I am allowing time for the idea to gel and for the rest of our humanity to get on board if they are going to. We have participants from all over the globe, but it sure would be nice to have a German, a Swede (preferably one in a fur-lined bikini) and maybe a Texan (well, I don't know about Texans, cause, well, they are from TEXAS, of all places).

Some of us have yet to post a photo of themselves, so please realize that you have not been excluded from citizenship in (name of place here), I just didn't have a pic to add to the slideshow. Which brings up an idea. I COULD start a blog site using that slideshow of everybody involved, with everybody added as team members so they can post at will. Everybody except Tim, of course, since Tim declared that he is his own country and demands taxes. We will negotiate in good faith, however, and hope that we can convince him to give up his weapons of mass destruction, let his people vote and wear boxers rather than briefs if they want. But no taxes. When he sees the great slurpy recipes a free and diverse community can post, I think he'll give in and join. We certainly could use his photoshop skills!

I had to take the wife to the doc today, her having gotten a bad cold, had to call in sick to work, and is coughing up her lungs. Doc thinks she might have a touch of pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics and a good cough medicine. I think she'll live. Well, I HOPE she lives.......she makes me a killer sandwich for lunch every day I work. I would really miss that.

I'm wearing an old pair of spectacles since I discovered that my glasses had no warranty because I didn't PAY for one. Sheesh! Was a time they made things to last at least awhile. Well, come January, I have access to my medical spending account and can get another pair, but till then, I am craning my neck back to see this monitor as I type. One must suffer for their art.........

I want to thank everybody for their positive response to the community idea. I am open to every suggestion you may have as to how we can construct our town square. But taxes? Read my lips..... That one is DOA.

Blessed be!


Buffalo said...

I absolutely second Morningstar's nomination of 'Freedom' as the name of the community. I'm embarrassed that I didn't think of it.

Freedom, Planet Earth. Has a real ring to it.

whitesnake said...

"Freedom's Place"

Funny how we feed off each other.

As for slurpies i do now have in my trembling hands a recipe for slushies.......Very refreshing and with the alchol has a nice warm feel to it.

Poor Tim, he must be having a taxing time.

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

I must say I agree. Freedom is something we practice each time we post or comment.

Check out this little video from the folks at theSave the Internet website. We really need to make sure that our rights to the Internet are not usurped by the large corporations.

I like the team blog idea too!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

The Freedom theme works for me as well (and Freedom's Place has the same initials as my husband's moniker FP).

No taxes, no autocrats, but Tim's Gnome is quite welcome ;-)

Love & peace,

Footpad said...

JP's comment finally made the nickel drop for my own suggestion for the name of the place..."Truthiness"


-- f

anna said...

I hope your wife recovers quickly. It sucks to be sick.

darlingina said...

Leave it to The Michael to think of such an idea. i'd say more... but...ummmm, i am a born and bred TEXAN. Should i be offended? ;o) Hope Your wife is feeling lots better. Be sure to give her lots of TLC.
Brightest Blessings,

Tim ID said...

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. And isn't Freedom the word William Wallace screamed while they were pulling his bowels out of his body?

But I wasn't trying to poo-poo the whole community thing as long as I don't lose my status as the sovereign state of Dizgraceland. I generally remain in that state no matter what I do.

Don't hate, appreciate.

Citizens of Freedom said...

Alright, Tim, we promise not to violate your soverienity. You can remain there holed up in Dizgraceland, but we guarantee you safe passage to come visit and chew the fat on occasion. You can even bring along your photoshop and liven up the place a bit.

Unless of course you want to photoshop your face onto Braveheart and run around the town square in your kilt. It could draw in the tourists.