Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20th, 72 degrees

It's an unseasonably warm, laid back day here at Pendragon Hold. The wife is at work and I'm at home trying to keep myself occupied as Yule draws near and we prepare for the kids to come home for the holidays. The "Yule" tree glitters over in the corner of the room, presents piled up underneath, and I laugh to myself when I think how THE Wife has managed to hold onto the gift-giving habit although we no longer celebrate Christmas. She has been researching and quoting this and that concerning ancient pagan practices that support the idea of exchanging gifts during this time of year. Oh, well.....I give up......some habits are just to damn hard to abandon, I suppose. I had thought not to have to deal with the guilt of not putting much effort into this gifting thing, especially since I rarely have any money after juggling the bills to put into it, but THE Wife has pulled that little victory right out of the jaws of what......sigh.

One of the twins has us worried, not that we don't always seem to have something to worry about in regards to offspring. She's been having symptoms which my background suggests that she might be in the grips of new onset adult diabetes. Her doctor is running every test known to man on her, instead of going straight for the obvious and sending her to an endocrinologist, which is an aggravating cover-all-the-bases-and-thus-their-own-ass kind of medicine which only adds to the cost of medical care. Not that I WANT her to be diabetic, for I see the downside of having to live with that nasty affliction at work everyday. I just pray, in my own way, that's it's just a weird anomaly which can be corrected easily.

The OTHER twin, often jokingly referred to as the evil one, although she is anything but, bless her, has had her share of difficulties, mostly having an operating set of wheels to get her to a new job which so far she seems to enjoy very much. Getting around these days has become such a pain in the collective ass, especially for people of limited means who can't just saddle a horse or hop on a train to get to where they need to be. The South is notorious for providing precious little infrastructure for mass transit, instead simply paving everything over in favor of our lord and master, the automobile. Between gas, oil, maintenance, insurance, and car payments, you really have to wonder who owns who.

My crazy, intelligent, and young PCT friend at work has been loaning me some Dan Brown novels that I hadn't had a crack at before that I am enjoying immensely. Right now I am reading "Angels and Demons" and this one really has me hooked. It seems similar in so many ways to the Davinci Code, yet is sufficiently different to keep me wondering where it is going.

Overall, this "winter" this year in N.E. Florida has been so damn warm it has me worried about what we are in store for come summer. Everywhere else in the country seems to be having more than it's share of weird weather, plenty of snow, and winds that normally come with hurricanes. If by now you still think there's not something seriously wrong going on with our climate, then the only thing I can prescribe for what ails you is a good bitch-slap upside your head.

The post-election results don't seem to have had much effect on the DUBYA's thought processes. He continues "listening" to new ideas on what to do with Iraq, and will continue to do so until he hears an echo. The sound of his own voice is the only thing Bush seems to be able to hear, and he loves to hear it alot. And, so far, the Democrats haven't given us any real clue as to what they plan to do to try and repair the damage once this asshole goes back to Crawford to play with his crayons. Since the good people of the Middle East are so damn determined to kill each other, and there are plenty of slightly differing "each others" to go around, I really think just getting out of their way will help to keep them occupied for decades to come. For a religion that claims to be non-violent, Islam seems to be it's own worst enemy; it certainly doesn't need the rest of us to pick on.

We will be conducting a Wiccan Winter Solstice celebration for Yule, the Wiccan precursor to Christmas, and while I am exercising my intent, and asking the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the four corners to reinforce my will, I will be sending good vibes out to all my friends and loyal readers of this blog, no matter who you worship, if anybody/anything; no matter how you celebrate your holiday, and no matter what color/creed/nationality you happen to be. You are all my kindred in my eyes. Blessed be, Merry Meet, Merry Part, till we Merry Meet again........

A Little Info about Yule

I know I promised you guys a SPECTACULAR post by now, but a dingo ate it.



Buffalo said...

Word out of Canada is that a cure for diabetis has been found. That should make a whole lot of people happy and piss off a whole lot of folk making a ton of money on the disease.

As an aside, we just received an electronic christmas card from Obama.

Enjoy the winter holiday. The sun should begin to return to the earth in a couple of more days. A good reason to celebrate and give gifts.

whitesnake said...

A dingoe only eats liitle kids!

jules said...

Merry Winter to you too Michael.

The Michael said...

Thanks for the tip, Buf

A dingo ate my blog, I tell ya! hehe

Jules....Winter? WHAT Winter? smile

anna said...

So sorry about the good twin's health issues. I hope it turns out to be nothing.

We're having a bizarre winter too. The grass is still visible and still green!

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

Reporting from "freeze-warning" Phoenix to let you know it is cold here! As in the temperature might, mind you, get down to 32° at 4 am.

You are so right about the South and mass transit. I live in the Southwest and if you don't have a car, you are f*cked. When I lived in Chicago, you could get by without one. Here? Not a chance.

Have a wonderful Wiccan Winter Solstice Celebration!

The Michael said...

Kindness, I am SHOCKED at your potty mouth lanquage! (by the way, you made a typo, it's spelled with a "u", not a "*"........grin)

Anyway, it's going to get down to a frigid 54 degrees tonight. My heat pump might actually come on! That is, if the heat from the electronics can't keep the house above 65.....hehe.

I wish you a warm, snuggly Yule with your most comfortable loved one, hun!

Footpad said...

Well, good to see you're accepting the inevitable giving of the gifts with a modicum of grace. ;-)

Whether you call them Christ-mass trees, Astoreth poles, or ruiners of vaccuum cleaner filters, they're still intended to celebrate...and that's what's important.

Whether you celebrate life, death, or afterlife, it's important to celebrate.

Enjoy the holiday!

-- f

Tim ID said...
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Tim ID said...

Or not.