Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kindred Souls

It's the very last day of 2006, THE Wife is at work, I'm at home listening to "This American LIfe", and having just read a comment, something pops into my mind that says "write me". It doesn't attempt to justify itself, it just insists on me doing so. Fine. OK. Chill. I'll write it. If it makes sense by the time I'm through with it, I'll post it. Why not? With the wealth of material my life provides me to post, I'll take ANYTHING right now to justify posting one more time this year.

Ever wonder what it is that makes you bookmark any particular blogger, giving them a chance to impress you enough to keep going back to see what they are writing about? It's not till later, if they return the favor and begin commenting, that you take that into account, so sucking up or making nice comments extolling your virtues isn't an initial consideration. But there IS something you connect with when you first click on that link and meet these people for the very first time. Accuse me of getting weird about it, but I honestly think these people occupy a special class. I'll call it "kindred souls". There's something about them you recognize and are familiar with that grabs you and it's all over; you've been adopted. Or vice versa.

These traits seem to be different for each person you find this connection with. Some of them even irritate the hell out of you for one reason or another, yet, they are perhaps similar to a baby brother or sister whom you find yourself stuck to, hate being around, yet feel protective towards. Some you'd never find yourself associating with voluntarily out there in the real world, yet here in virtual unreality, you couldn't even imagine not knowing them. Others you wish like hell you could somehow meet in the flesh, knowing one hell of a party would erupt, much like anti-matter and matter meeting and creating the ultimate bang, even if it would annihilate both of you. It would be worth it, something like the most satisfying illicit sex you could imagine having. Calm down, guys, I'm not being literal here, so let go of your crotch.......hehe.

Kindred souls. I can't think of any other explanation for it. Perhaps we've known each other in some other time, some other universe, some other life. Or, perhaps it's time to know them for whatever it is we are suppose to glean from knowing them. That's the karmic theory, but hey, it works for me. It might also explain why my wife stays with me, despite everything. I've given you guys glimpses of what "everything" entails, so you know what I mean. I'm one lucky SOB, doncha think?

Damn! I just read back over what I just wrote and I guess my muse really does know what the hell it's talking about. That's why I rarely argue with it. It's much like a wife; argue all you want, it's going to win in the end anyway. Save your breath.

So this is what THE Michael leaves you with on this final day of one very strange year. About the only good thing I saw happen this last year was most of us going to the ballet box to say NO to the status quo. We still have a long way to go. It remains to be seen whether or not we have the strength and resolve to complete the transition from utter lunacy to extreme political makeover. We will never reclaim our place in the hearts and minds of ourselves and the rest of the world until we admit that we really screwed up and are willing to do what we can to earn our way back into the collective good grace. New years is a time for resolutions. Let's hope we make the right ones. If we don't, we can describe 2007 and every year afterwards in two easy words.......GAME OVER.

Happy New Year, Kindred souls.


littleone said...

i wanted to say Happy New Year to You and yours ..The Michael..... and to wish you good health.. joy.. and love in 2007...

and while i am here .. squeaking loudly once again.. today's blog made me think of another name.. how bout
"kindred"??? (i don't know.. maybe i get worse the more i think..... )


whitesnake said...

Ya know something?

I like ya!

Doesn't mean I wanna take long hot showers with ya till the wee hours of the morning!

I have to admit your thoughts on fellow bloggers I have hooked up with has been pretty spot on.

You start to read something they have written and it is usually something nonsencial, but you keep going back until you are drawn into their world.

A happy new Year to you yours and fellow bloggers

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

darn! i missed "This American Life" this weekend. guess I will catch the latest show on the iTunes podcast.

i think you caught my eye when I saw your post about the "Dildo Diaries" and proceeded to back-read your blog. been coming back ever since. not to mention you have turned me on to some more great blogs. been trying to read them all...

Happy New Year to the michael, mrs. michael and all kindred souls. see you next year!

Buffalo said...

By and large I am attracted by the quality of writing. I have linked a some blog that I read regularly and rarely, if ever, leave a comment. There are three or four blogs on my Great Reads list that probably don't know that I linked them.

There is also a long list of blogs that I read almost daily that I haven't linked for one reason or another such as infrequent posts or content that may be of interest only to myself.

Frontier Editor said...

Thanks for reminding me this year of the importance of being off-center - that way the shooters have a hard time adjusting their shot groups.

Have a good new year and we'll be back at it.

jules said...

Happy New Year to your and yours, Michael.

darlingina said...

It's been a few years now... since our paths first crossed Michael. And You've impressed me from day one. Thank You for Your friendship and i wish the very best for You and Yours in the New Year.
Love & Light,

anna said...

I totally agree about the fellow bloggers thing and I'm not going to try to say it any better than you already have.