Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Yea, I know, I'm an irritating little shit most times, the kind of know-it-all that loves to read himself type and can't seem to shut off his fingers before they fall off. I know people just like me and yes, they irritate the hell out of me too. Bob bless us all. Then there are those who just-can't-seem to loosen up and let it fly, to release that pressure building up inside in a satisfying explosion of expletives and perhaps some totally made-up words in an effort to make a point. They are mild. Annoyingly mild. Prim, proper, and oh so measured. Well, OK, mild is fine. It works for them. Some of the best writers are extremely restrained, and they produce excellent writings. But do those writings reach out, grab you by the throat and say 'PAY ATTENTION! You NEED to THINK about THIS!" ? Hardly. You'll forget everything they said before the sun has set, or has risen, whatever.

I know, this sounds alot like a put down. It's not really. Even in this tightly knit bunch we have here in bloggerville, we have some gentle souls who just don't have it in them to froth at the mouth when the urge strikes. They gently make their points, and most often they are the equal of anything I could rant, rave, or outright have a seizure getting across. It's all a matter of style associated with personality, which is why I believe the way a person produces their blogs is a pretty good indicator of what kind of people they are demeanor wise. Take Buffalo, for instance. (Put that gun back, old buddy.....grin) There is a fair amount of passion packed within his delivery, yet it comes across smooth, mellow, more like a lethal stiletto slipping ever-so-delicately between your ribs than a 44 magnum hollow point plowing itself through your delicates. The man doesn't NEED a megaphone or white-hot fonts dipped in molten ink to get your attention. You have it by the first sentence.

So, there you have it. We each have our own personal delivery vehicles, and they each deliver the goods in their own unique way. Mine is written in such a diabolically sublime fashion (as in garbage truck with flowers and peace signs plastered all over it) that you really have to hold your nose to really enjoy it, but enjoy it you do, or you wouldn't be reading this post today, having fled in horror at the things I've done to the art of blogging that no educated, sophisticated, god of grammar could dare tolerate. Which actually works out pretty good for me, to tell the truth......it cuts down on the amount of comments I have to answer, and being the lazy SOB that I am, that is a Good thing........grin.


Buffalo said...

Not to worry, bro. The Canucks disarmed me.
I envy your ability to express your feeling so passionately. I have such a viscious, ugly temper that, unless I keep it in check by speaking softly, I generally end up doing or saying something a normal person would consider ill-advised. When I write something I let it sit until my temper cools. In person I almost whisper.

whitesnake said...

Good grief!

If I believe that i'd believe anything.

As for the 44 .........
Do you feel lucky?
Well do ya?


JanePoe said...

I wondered why I had a particular fondess for that garbage truck rumbling down the road all stinky and filled with promise that it would wipe away my stinky sins!

Oh thank you Bob, I feel absolved already!! Much love, peace, and reverance, JP

THE Michael said...

It's not the quantity I'm after, guys, it's Quality! :)