Saturday, December 09, 2006


It's a quiet night here at Pendragon Hold, my little acre of sand and oak trees. I've just gotten home, nuked me a TV dinner, let out the dog, and perused my e-mail. "Prairie Home Companion" is on the radio, and most blogs haven't been updated, probably the dreaded weekend effect. So, while I wait around before heading back out to retrieve the wife from her job, I'll whip out a post, and maybe play a video game, since television is already in reruns or seasonal pap, and I finished off my Dan Brown novel, which wasn't bad.

I had to replace another tire yesterday that a bad alignment ate right down to the belts before I had the cash to replace it. Now I have two new tires up front, and two in the back that are on their last legs. I'll have to change my oil as well, as it is way overdue. I wish I could just feed this beast grass and hay like I do the goats....sigh.

I'm starting to adjust to sleeping on this new bed I put together. I seem to have solved the problem of staying on my side thru the night by hugging onto a king-sized pillow stuffed between my legs; it keeps me pretty much in one position, the result being that I haven't awakened lately in searing pain. I'm still hoping to get that memory foam overlay to complete the transition from the old waterbed.

I've been giving hell to a very conservative-minded commenter lately, but I must say I do admire his staying power and his decorum in the heat of disagreement. Despite his right-leaning philosophy, he has yet to suggest that I do not have the right to voice the opinions that I do, and for that he has so far earned my respect. In return I will not suggest that his world view is flat wrong, and I will defend with vigor his right to continue to think the way he does even in the face of what I would consider a narrow mindset. Such considerations are what made this country great to begin with.

The lame duck congress performed their last hurrah the way one would expect them to, catering to special interests and insuring that rich people stay that way. Like the scorpion said to the frog, "I can't help it, it's in my nature...."

I've been watching alot of Lou Dobbs on CNN and I swear that man is the perfect blend of liberal sensibility, conservative pragmatism, and libertarian zeal. If ever a public figure came close to the kind of man I think understands what this country is all about and what most of it's people think, it's him. He ought to run for President, but then again, to do so would probably ruin him. It's amazing what politics can do to even the best amongst us. It's a thought, at least.

I would be so happy to withdraw into the womb of my humble abode and ignore the world closing in all around me. It would be nice to stick my head in the sand (and I gots plenty of THAT) and just wish it would all go away, but it isn't going to. I sometimes envy the Wife's ability to focus simply on the narrow confines of our precarious existence and not waste mental energy on the woes of the world at large. I guess that's what she depends on me to take care of.......laugh. Bob knows I have this strange capacity to file the worst of everything in the background and deal with what has to be dealt with as it's coming at me. Practice, practice, practice.

Well, that's it for tonight here at Pendragon Hold, my humble little abode on the edge of the great big world, where all the inhabitants are royalty, the livestock lively, and the Queen a witch with fine taste in Kings..........grin.


whitesnake said...

Ain't it good to be alive?

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

Thank you the Michael, for giving hell to the conservative-minded commenter in such civil manner. I agree with you whole-heartedly. Thanks to you and Buffalo for such good reads.

THE Michael said...

Yea, Snake, it sure is!

kindness, I do thank you for your kind remarks. Even though I realize that for the most part, Buffalo and I are preaching to the converted, it's nice to know that our thoughts and convictions are not so far off the beaten path that at least a few people agree with them. And thank you for recognizing that my unvarnished lanquage is really quite civil compared to the venom spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, that drug addict we all love so much for demonstrating hypocracy so well.

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

I also want to thank you, the michael, for the News from Pendragon Hold.

Prairie Home Companion is my Sunday morning ritual. Will think of you and your Queen as I listen tomorrow.

Buffalo said...

It's too damned early in my morning to think of anything clever to say - not that I've ever been known for my clever reparte.
I came, I read, I limped away.

eddy said...

hopefully with my wifes new computer and my soon to arrive Apple computer I will be able to secure you another devoted reader otherwise keep up the rambling