Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No-Pic Post

It was an interesting day. It warmed up into the seventies, the sky was crystal blue, and I think it could easily fit in the category of "a beautiful day". The Wife was off of work today with me, which made it even better, until she asked me to set up our tiny little "christmas tree" to which I said something stupid and she got pissed off and vocally so. I don't do insults very well and took my Dan Brown novel out into the shade garden to stew in silence and read, away from her nasty attitude. As usual, she stewed on her own for the usual amount of time and then came out to salvage the situation by being super-nice. She never apologizes, she has her own way of doing it without admitting guilt, sort of like an out-of-court settlement in which the aggrieved party agrees not to bad-mouth the plaintiff in return for some form of compensation. She printed out a description of how the early pagans first dressed up small trees or tree boughs during celebrations around this time of year, a habit that the early Christians adopted for their own purposes. We were both wrong in our own stubborn ways. But we recover well.

Despite the tiff I prepared the wood for a nice fire the way only a husband could. Unfortunately, the sky clouded over, which obscured the shuttle launch I was so looking forward to watching in the night sky, a bright flare in the darkness to the south of us. Even the full moon was muted to a large degree, a bright fuzzy blob in an opaque whitish sky. However, the fire was MAGNIFICENT, and we enjoyed it sitting in our portable fold out love seat we had gotten years ago as a house warming gift, sipping wine and listening to Gaia Consort and Fritz Jung on our portable stereo, the music fed to it's radio via a transmitter plugged into my Ipod Shuffle. I'm a thoroughly modern pagan.

The wife is in bed now, as she has a work day ahead of her tomorrow, while I'm taking my life in my hands by typing this post. Perhaps I shouldn't be airing my slightly soiled laundry, but the way I look at it, a perfect marriage is an honest marriage; no sense in trying literary photoshop on it to make it look better. It looks fine just the way it is. I'll take my chances in the name of "journalistic" integrity, knowing I have a cold-weather loving dog to keep my company if she reads this and ignores the fact I love her.

I woke up THIS morning with no back pain. I found out why later when the Wife told me how she kept me on my side throughout the night. Bob bless her.

HE is celebrating his fourth annual forty-fifth birthday, or at least I hope he is, since I advised him that there is no advantage to getting older than forty five. As a six year veteran of having arrived at that milestone myself, believe me when I tell you that you are as young as you feel, and I feel forty five any chance my failing parts allow me to. I'm going to pass on retirement age as well, only I'm not going to let social security in on my little scam. Greeting rednecks at Walmart is not going to pay the bills all by itself; I'll need that check.

I've decided tonight to forego downloading visual reinforcement for tonight's post just to see if it has any effect on comments. That, and because I want to get to bed eventually. This novel by Dan Brown called "Digital Fortress" is hard to put down.
Maybe Jane of the Poe persuasion will review it for you. She could sell refrigerators to eskimos. The ones with the ice dispensers in the door. She's that good. As if being a damn good poet isn't enough.........

Oh, and Buffalo keeps beating me to the good stuff, but that's just as well, he deals with it better than I could ever hope to anyway.

Good night, and Blessed Be.


Buffalo said...

It's getting on toward middle night. The temp is a balmy minus 27. The moon is hiding its face somewhere behind the cloud cover that will keep it from getting really cold tonight. I just finished reading East of Eden again and damn, that man surely could write.
I don't know what in the hell I could be beating you to, bro. I struggle daily to find a topic of conversation and I yearn for the days when I had a dozen pieces in the cupboard.
You're there and I'm here and, I suppose, the world is as well as it's going to get for a while.
I especially liked the line about "literary photoshop." Excellent imagery.

whitesnake said...

Well strike me pink!

Your just the same as the rest of us.

Wife and all!

Ya fancy coming here for the festive season?

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Happy birthday to HE ... I for one have adopted the 39th repeating birthday plan. In January, I will be celebrating my 3rd annual 39th birthday celebration (no matter what my DD says!)
Dan Brown is not my cup o tea, but it is good of you to feed my ever-growing ego & remind me that I do have a backup career (Alaska, here I come!)
Oh yes, and if The Wife is not pleased with your post, tell her to go easy on you, I wouldn't want anything to happen to my biggest fan!
xo, JP

THE Michael said... well I remember those negatory temps.....hehe....

Snake.....HOW much is a plane ticket that far? Yea, right.......

Jane.....and WHERE is my commission? Hmmmm?

I am in such good company...thanks guys.

I_Wonder said...

I enjoyed this narrative of your life. It maks all seem right with the world.

jules said...

I personally alternate between 36, 37, 38 & 39. Every year I say a different one. Sometimes folks look at me with a puzzled look on their face, like "wasn't she older than that last year?" but what the heck, as long as they keep believing...
My brother caught on one year. I said "38". There was a long silence. Then he said "you are NOT!" I think he was figuring how old HE was then subtracting. LOL

Love the reality of your life. You two seem to do disagreement sort of like we do.