Saturday, December 30, 2006

Out with the old, in with the...........?

This is a rather surreal moment. I'm watching the State Funeral for President Gerald Ford (so far nobody's tripped hauling the casket up the Capital stairs) while listening to "A Prairie Home Companion". The wife has just come home having worked today while still in the grips of a bad cold (with a possible touch of pneumonia). The kids have headed back to their home bases down South and it took me many an hour to clean up the mess. Save me, I think I'm a househusband.

There have been some pretty good suggestions concerning the name of our virtual watering hole, with one in particular already having earned a couple of seconds. I will be posting all the names soon for your consideration, without the names of the authors, at which time I will ask for your vote. No, you may NOT vote for your own suggestion, just to be fair, but if your entry has grabbed that much attention, it won't need it. In case of a tie, I will drag out the wading pool, pour in the lime jello, and let the two contenders have at it, providing of course they both happen to be of the gentle persuasion. If it's two guys...well....the jello gets replaced by something somewhat nastier. A guy and a gal? The gal wins......don't they always?

I'm working on a new blog to represent our new home. I'm making it a team blog so that people can come and go at will, even Tim, who has gotten rather paranoid lately, thinking we are a secret society under the auspices of the New World Order come to rob him of his precious sovereignty. Once he realizes that the door opens both ways, I think he'll relax enough to paint the town with his face. We won't mind.

I've also decided not to hold it against anybody who might have been born and bred in the great State of Texas. Just so long as they don't invade any of our neighbors behind our backs, they are more than welcome to join.

It got cold for a couple of nights, then got warm again today. Don, your cold fronts are really wimping out this year. Something tells me that global warming is taking the wind out of your arctic sails. If this keeps up, it's going to get dicey down here. If I were you, I would declare war on the U.S. for pumping out gases of mass destruction. You would have a coalition of equally concerned nations more than happy to join you. By the time we've wiped the carpet with your pathetic "armed" forces, I think maybe we'd get the message and change things around here. The only way to make a bully alter his behavior is to stand up to him, even if you get a black eye for your troubles.

I'm beginning to learn the hard way that the only reason the fates allow me to garner some extra pay thru overtime and working holidays is because I'm gonna have to blow it all on some financial emergency. They car is making ominous sounds in the area of the transmission. At the rate things are going we'll probably be homeless within a few years. Thank Bob I still have my two man back-packing tent. Hopefully my wife will dump my ass for someone who knows how to provide better before that happens. I love her that much.

Ok, that's it from the desk of Pendragon Hold tonight. I hope your 2007 treats you better than 2006 did.


Buffalo said...

It is minus 17 and snowing. So I don't want to hear about your damned cold weather.

Can't vote for your own entry? That just ain't right.

Got a whole near year looking for us to mess it up. Happy New Year, bro.

Tim ID said...

Who told you I was paranoid? And I vote for no Texans. Any state that inbreeds George W. and names an airport after his father doesn't deserve any respect from me.

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

Thanks for the reminder! I am listening to a Prairie Home Companion (PHC) now too (the Sunday repeat from last night's show!)

Can't wait to see the new blog. Been reading some of your favorite blogs; there are so many great reads out there.

Sooooo.... I have more to say but I can't seem to pay attention to PHC and write at the same time...

darlingina said...

Thanks for not holding anything against me Michael. I promise no invading behind anyones back. I'll leave the invading task to You ...winks.

Now, as for Tim's comment :o(
Just glad i'm not up for any kind of election.