Monday, November 27, 2006

"We have changed our agreement..."

If you have any credit cards, you probably have recieved those "ammendments" to your "agreements" in the mail, written in the smallest print possible, which you probably glance at and throw in the trash without bothering to find out how many screws they just inserted into your back. As it is, whatever rate and terms you entered into these agreements with, they have lying in wait all kinds of land mines designed to inflate you rate or impose strange fees on you should you fail to meet these new and tricky conditions, such as being 34 seconds late with your payment or going $.03 over your credit limit. They are really hoping you maxed that card out, and don't have that kind of cash lying around the house in order to pay off and close down that account if their new rules piss you off, which they should. Paying off that account is the only way to "disagree" with the new terms, so in essence, you are nothing but a screw just waiting to be turned.

Apparently contracts and understandings which you sign are not worth the paper they are printed upon, if one party can at it's whim, change that agreement, holding you hostage by the credit you have been "granted". I imagine that if this is legal for credit cards, what will stop the mortgage companies from doing the same thing, inviting you to pay off your entire mortgage if you don't "agree" with a sudden increase in your interest rate and/or length of contract?

So imagine if your favorite blog, the one you are visiting right now, of course, suddenly decided to get in on this lucrative yet legal way to realize the American dream. Hey, I'm a proud American, no reason I shouldn't be a proud sleaze-bag capitalist as well..........

Dear Fan of "These Thoughts Escape Me",

We here at TTEM have enjoyed providing you with interesting, provocative, and entertaining content, and hope to continue our relationship for many years to come. However, due to the changing market and the impositions upon our time and creativity, we have been forced to make some minor changes to our operations which hopefully will have very little impact upon your enjoyment of this blog. We really didn't think it was necessary to burden you with the particulars of this change, but our lawyers have informed us that we are required by law to include the appropriate notifications and insure that you are fully aware of how these changes impact you as loyal fans of this great blog. So, we have included a comprehensive addendum to todays' post for you to skim over and ignore as you wish, for we know that you don't really have the time to waste on matters that we assure you are nothing but a bunch of schmalzy legaleze not fit to contaminate the fine pages of "Escape". In the spirit of trying not to impact your reading pleasure, we have made this garbage we were forced to include as tiny and unobstrusive as possible. Please forgive us, just ignore this inconveniance, and enjoy our blog. Thank you and have a nice day.

The Editorial Staff


Buffalo said...

Crap like this happens when the credit grantors have the legislators in their freakin' hip pocket. The new bankruptcy law is another example of business running the politicians.

By the way, you can still read for free over at my joint. And you can smoke while you're doing it. Don't need to wear a seatbelt either.

I_Wonder said...

It's called "free enterprise" but it ain't "free" -- somebody has to pay. Or, does "free enterprise" mean they are free to do to you as they please?

homo escapeons said...

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

both courtesy of H. L. Mencken, from the Gee I wish that I had said file...