Thursday, November 09, 2006


My fellow Americans, you have restored my faith in your ability to accept the truth when that truth has smacked you upside the head hard enough. Unfortunately, if you look at how close the numbers were in a number of these races, there are still a good many Americans who find more comfort in being afraid, in believing anything fed them as long as it's being labeled "conservative", and in refusing to face up to the growing number of our sons and daughters dying for false ideals. Yes, a more sane mindset has now taken control of Congress, but the Monarchy still remains, yet to be held accountable for the crimes against this nation it has committed.

Now is not the time for rejoicing, because we have only replaced one species of politician with another. Unless this new crop of elected representatives have the guts to go back and undo the damage that Dubya and his neo-cons have done to our constitution, then we will continue to live in as much fear of our own government as we have for our enemies. The bills that this last Congress passed with reckless disregard for cherished American principles MUST be reexamined and consigned to the trashcan, and measures must be taken to insure that such attacks upon our freedoms and moral character can never happen again. If the Democrats cannot do this, then they are no better than the vermin they replaced.

I honestly believe that Dubya was never smart enough to create such chaos all on his own. I think we all know that the puppet master himself, Dick Cheney, and Bush's Rasputin, Karl Rove, were the true architects of this fascist regime, and they are the ones that should be held accountable. Bush is now lame-duck, and cannot do much more damage than he has already done, but I truly believe that now is the time to investigate the closed-door energy task-force, the politically motivated perversion of intelligence, and the corrupt no-bid contracts funneled to Haliburton and subsidiaries. The tax cuts that had no real benefit to middle class Americans but enriched the fat-cats must be taken back, and REAL tax relief given to working class citizens. Subsidies to oil and coal interests must be cut off, especially in light of the record profits these money-sucking monsters have enjoyed. The Insurance companies must be forced to return to their purpose, to provide coverage at reasonable prices, instead of cutting people off, overcharging the rest, fighting off claims, and commanding record profits even after the hurricanes. And we FINALLY MUST make the move to universal health care so that people no longer have to choose between food or doctors, so that doctors and hospitals can actually be paid for their services, and the burden of providing insurance as a benefit that they and their workers can no longer afford can be taken off their shoulders. We must END this assault on the American middle class, and stop enriching CEO's and legacy rich people who must begin to pay their fair share of the tax burden.

And, My fellow Americans, I think we now can point out with confidence what happens when you mix religion and politics. Most of the scandals of this last year have come from the very people who have claimed to be intent on bringing morality and the "word of God" back to government. For too long now, right-wing fundamentalists have become our own Taliban, intent on removing our democratic and secular institutions in favor of their own twisted brands of Christianity, all the while proving that they are no less immune to sins of the flesh and of character than any of us.

We have two more years of reigning in this administration and blunting any more damage. Then we have to choose a new executive, not another emperor or king, but someone who can represent our true values to the world and repair the damage that Dubya inflicted on us on the world stage. If we retain control of Congress, we can elect someone of any party, as long as that person can govern from the middle instead of playing to either side of the aisle. However, I believe we need a strong contender from a third party, untainted by the left or right leanings of Dems or Reps.

No, as my good friend The Buffalo has stated, we haven't won anything yet. But, we still can. We as a people need to keep the pressure on, demanding real work from our representatives, work in favor of AMERICANS instead of in favor of the highest bidder. We need to encourage and support brave Americans wishing to serve as third party candidates rather than sticking with something that has become unworkable, the two party system that shuts out other voices and ideas. If we don't, we will become nothing more than our own version of Sunni versus Shiite, one of which will be painted as "insurgent", and we know so well what that will bring us.


homo escapeons said...

Hilarious pics and great summation.
You are right in pointing out that this contest was far too close. WTF? Who are those dumbass people who refuse to have their nose rubbed in the big pile of crap on the Oval Office rug.

Atleast the Rest Of The World can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Rovian Nightmare has ended. Poor Karl couldn't even manage to win with his usual bag of dirty tricks: FrankenKerry's lousy joke.

Now Bush and FrankenKerry are done and the Presidential race has begun. Hopefully everybody will go out and see BOBBY and come '08 the Dream can be revived.

jules said...

AMEN! And thank you once again for putting it so eloquently.

Buffalo said...

I am not so sure it is the mixing of religion and politics as much as it is men and women, mad with power, thinking they are gods - or empowered by one.

Now we wait and see what happens.

I_Wonder said...

The magazine cover says Bush resigns? Don't let him off so easily. Impeachment!

THE Michael said...

Thanks jules, and hey, where the hell you been? Don't be such a stranger!

You're right, Buf, now we wait......

I didn't make the magazine cover, Paul, but no, impeachment is too good for him; I want the SOB prosecuted!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Ah, well said The Michael ...althought I do think we've won something ... I think we've won a chance. Let's hope we don't squander it. JP

jules said...

The Michael:
Try this theory on for size and let me know what you think about it:


THE Michael said...

Jules, send me your email and I'll give you my take on that.....interesting, but with some fairly big holes you can drive thru........