Sunday, November 19, 2006

THE Poet Lends His Own.........

Hepper, Pepper, Pald and Patter
it makes no sense, but does it matter?
The things I see I say in glee
because it makes no sense to me.
We dance beneath a moon in buff
behavior's simply not enough
in order to be free and clear
whatever strikes us strikes us dear
cats and dogs and goats and lizards
her a witch and me a wizard
whipping up a spell to go
it's what you feel, not what you know
life is chaos now and then
sometimes I feel it closing in
yet still I bob and weave and duck
not daring to abandon luck
so laugh with me, I'll laugh with you
what else is one as such to do
the alternative is death of soul
and no place for a ghost to go


Footpad said...

What an intriguing, amazing post and picture. Truly magical!

Thank you...

-- f

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

From one poet to another - that is absolutely brilliant! This just flows beautifully. much peace, JP

Buffalo said...

That's kind of cute. And it rhymes. And it makes you smile. What is the world coming to?

whitesnake said...

Not bad, actually very well done, as a matter of fact Brilliant...No better than that Superb......
Such talent......I like it!

Don't ya just love poetry?

Thanks for popping by!

Miss said...

You wrote that? I love it!

Miss Cellania

gautami tripathy said...

I like the beginning of your poem and the way it flows..

homo escapeons said...

'no place for a ghost to go'
heeeeey write on!
Very cool.
Although I would appreciate the antidote for the'dance beneath a moon in buff'image that you lodged in my brain. ha ha


THE Michael said...

Awwwwww...pashaw you guys.....grin

Yes, Ms C, I did write

enjoy your image,!