Monday, November 20, 2006

This I Did

I hiked a week of Denali
I skied down the slopes of Vesuvius
metal squeezed about me in the deep
and wings flapped in the turbulence outside my window
I camped to the tune of glacier grey water running
I flew rockets amazingly well
I was shocked at the number of women I loved
when I added up my perceived lack of conquest
I was master to too many dogs
and cats came and went
I knew fear so hard my heart raced
I knew love so deep my heart broke
I said things I shouldn't have said
I thought things I wish I had
I've told her I love her thousands of times
and actually did so that many
I took pictures of people and places and things
and wished I could paint them the way my Mother did
I built things, eventually
but they turned out well regardless
I loved a second time after failure
and it turned out well, regardless
I ran away and stopped and cried and went back
and I survived
now I stay put
and I survive
I did all this and more
what will I do with myself now?


Buffalo said...

You will do just as you are doing - continuing to grow and continuing to make a difference

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Interesting poem and perspective ... what shall I do with myself now ... hmmmmmmmmmmm. I find this sort of questioning to hold answers in the mere nature of the question. If you are questioning one area of your life, you already know the possibility of something else, some growth, some change that needs to occur so that you can stop asking. In any event, those of us who question are all about what is next, how we can evolve and where we collectively and individually go from here. The answers will present themselves as long as we keep asking the questions. Much peace & love, JP

whitesnake said...

Are you asking or just making a statement?

If you really want to know I can tell you!

Absolutely Fabulous!

Footpad said...

What will you do with yourself now? Same as you've already done.

Open your heart, stay in the moment, listen to the Universe, and see what comes next. Live authentiacally, not passively.

Very great post! Thanks!

-- f