Sunday, November 05, 2006

Packing Heat and Voting Blue

It's Sunday afternoon and a cold rain is pelting my abode, ruining my wife's idea of having a nice fire out in the shade garden tonight, or of conducting a full moon rite, which, incidentally, one could perform inside, but not having the bright light of a full silver moon grace the ceremony kinda defeats the purpose of the activity. Ah, nature can be fickle......

Last night I had to dose myself repeatedly with tylenol in an effort to put down this persistent headache I've been having, and this morning I awoke with the beast begging to come back out and my back killing me from sleeping in this damn waterbed that has turned against me in my later years, so the wife offered me one of her high-octane pain pills which helped to calm the beast. I sleep on my stomach, which is probably contributing to the problem, but it's an ingrained habit I'm not likely to be able to break after 50 odd years of doing it. Getting rid of the bag of warm water and sleeping on a regular mattress is NOT an attractive alternative, since every regular mattress I ever tried to sleep on only brought me misery, which is one of the reasons I dread sleeping overnight in motels. One of those adjustable airbeds might solve the problem, but since I can't afford one, the point is rather moot anyway. I think I'm screwed.

My son-in-law, which you may or not know gets around on wheels rather than those annoying legs that you and I have to walk around on, has been tooling around on this special bike which used hand cranks for propulsion. I don't think I'd win any arm-wrestling contests with this guy. Anyway, one day while out biking, a couple of punks starting getting a bit too up close and personal with him, suggesting they might want to take his bike from him. These kids have no idea how wise they were in deciding to not follow through on their sick-ass threats. I found out this week that he may be handicapped, but is adequately equipped to "cap" anybody's ass who wants to assault him. Both him and my daughter have concealed weapons permits and carry their protection with them wherever they go, wherever is permitted by law, of course. Now, this coupled with the recent law passed down here in Florida that makes it perfectly legal to stand your ground rather than getting shot several times or beaten half to death before you can justify defending yourself, I think maybe these kids had it in the back of their minds that not everybody is totally helpless in this state, not even handicapped people. No, I'm not pro "shoot first and worry about it later", but I do appreciate that if trouble comes looking for ME, it might damn well find it, rather than having to accept that good people have to be victims BEFORE justice can be applied. Since we can't all have cops following us everywhere we go, it only makes sense that we be able to provide for our own protection from those who seek to do us harm for no good reason other than a criminal one. I have never fired my gun in anger (at least at a human), and I do not ever wish to, but until they shut down these gun factories and put these sell-to-anyone gun dealers out of business, I WILL keep the balance in my favor, bleeding heart sentiments be damned.

The elections are tomorrow and I am not at all assuming that the Democrats are going to wrestle control of the congress from the bozos who have been making the place a laughingstock all these years. Not with Diebold voting machines in place preprogramed to Karl Roves specifications. Even if they do, I doubt that they will have the balls to take out the Big Kahuna, Dubya himself. If ever an administration needed to be hauled off to the Bastille and repaid for their fine service to this nation, this group of yahoos have. Retaking the congress is one thing, but having the votes to override the veto's that this "president" will suddenly start writing with reckless abandon is quite another. Oh, if only we have a comfortable majority of moderate, third party legislators with brains.......but I'm dreaming, I know.

Well, that's all I have to say, at least for now.

P.S. Don't overlook that one down there (crap, where's the down pointy key?)


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Regardless of the voting outcome, I'm going to participate in the Impeach Bush project after the first of the year.

I_Wonder said...

Sorry to hear about the headache and back pain.

homo escapeons said...

Today should be a great turning point for your country. If however the great unwashed decide to go with the Rovian Disaster Plan then I will personally help build a wall separating our countries.

Love the new to finally see ya and your better half. I am sorry to hear of your affliction...I know that you are a guy and all but have you seen a Doc?

Your story about people taking self preservation to the next level is a portent of things to come. This 30 year wave of perpetrators rights overshadowing the vitims is about to be tsunamied by a much larger force known collectively as Common Sense.

Good Luck today.

Buffalo said...

I need to change your URL on speed demon. I almost missed this one.

Back pain - switch to Alleve. It seems to work better for that what ails you and I. When my back starts hurting durning the night I sit up, on the edge of the bed, and stretch it a dab. Usually help. Sometimes I fall to sleep like that and wake up with one hell of a stiff neck.

Vote often, bro. Gotta do something to counteract the ballot stuffing by the foe.

THE Michael said...

Jane, I don't know.....I think the supreme court will probably nix that one in the bud......

Thanks, Paul.

HE, wouldn't that be a hoot, Canada building "The Great Wall not make in China", in case Dubya thinks you guys are weapons of mass distraction and invades, to take our attention off Iraq.

I'm self medicating muscle relaxers from the Wife's arsenal and trying out the guest bed tonight.....doubt my Doc can do anything above and beyond what I'm already trying right now.