Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hell is served in Handbaskets

I'm watching World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson, and they are reporting on the awful weather now bedeviling Seattle, a city more famous for it's rain, although the truth of the matter is plenty of places actually see more rain than Seattle ever did., at least historically. I now understand why Tim was devoting a post to the subject. It's BAD! I think someone pissed off Mother Gaia......

Also was a report concerning big business getting in on the organic foods craze, and how that might be impacting the true definition of "organic". We all know what happens when mega-producers of just about anything get ahold of a product, service, or idea. It goes to hell. When profit trumps all concerns, industrial producers will cut whatever corner they can to maximize profits, the quality of the product be damned. So, if you are one of those individuals who really cares about what goes into your body, and can afford the premium such a concern commands, then I would look real close at that product claiming to be "organic". Remember, Starkist and Bumblebee Tuna will laude the benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids in their products, while conveniently failing to mention the mercury levels in same said fish. Talk about fishy!

Predictably, the situation in Anbar Province (in Iraq) has gotten so bad that the Pentagon is giving serious consideration to abandoning the area altogether, turning the province over to the Iraqi army (Iraq has an ARMY? No kidding......) and focusing their efforts on Baghdad, where the insurgency is on it's last legs and the capital is not descending into civil war. Meanwhile, it seems that the guy who's playing our president suddenly wants to TALK to two of the countries who are supporting those nasty insurgents, namely Syria and Iran. It's simultaneously funny and sad to hear the nutcase president of Iran telling Bush that if we would just "behave", maybe he can put in a good word with his Shiite friends. When and IF this nightmare ever ends, I SOOOO want to sit on the jury that convicts Dubya of embarrassing this great nation of ours.

Even after the Kennedy's were gunned down, I still had this naive notion that the world was going to advance into the future, bringing peace, prosperity, an end to hunger and warfare, because, after all, this was the "modern" age, full of promise, and tired of the barbarity of the past. Being a young man, I suppose I did not have my ears and eyes open to the reality of how the world really was and how simply intractable the nature of man was. I am older, and arguably wiser now, and I think I understand the true meaning of the phrase "ignorance is bliss".


I_Wonder said...

I'll take some of Seattle's precipiation -- in either solid or liquid form.

As for organic, I'm always suspiscious. I was in our health food store when the customer in front of me told the clerk to remove a cantalope from his bill. One melon was $12. No wonder big corporations want in on the action.

gautami tripathy said...

Mother Gaia has been pissed off for sometime now all over the the world..

Buffalo said...

The State pissed her off with all their DAMNED clear cutting.

You were young, Michael. You're allowed to be naive. Perhaps the next evolutionary leap will improve mankind. (Womankind is just fine the way they are.)

A $12.00 cantalope? Someone should be wearing a freakin' mask!

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

I am sitting right next to you on that Dubya jury! But it will take a lot of effort for me to remain kind.