Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's been an interesting week here at Pendragon Hold, our little acre of sand in the country/suburbs. After having been on the lam for two days, I managed to somehow locate Vincent, our escaped flying squirrel. Noticing the attention that Cricket the cat was giving to the washer and dryer, I climbed on top and peered down behind them and what-do-ya-know.........there that little critter is all snuggled into a baseball cap that had fallen off the pegs over the wash area and come to rest behind the dryer. I deftly and gently reached down, snaged the cap, and now Vincent is back where he belongs, with his partner Violet, in a safe and secure place where he is well fed and protected from cats. The wife, of course, was overjoyed, and very receptive to my directive that she never, ever play with the fur pilots outside their cage without me there as well.

Since my metabolism went to hell when I quit smoking, I have been trying to get into the "I gotta burn calories" mindset. So, THE Wife and I have been taking walks down our dirt road, which to the blacktop and back I think is about a mile and a half. It's not a boring walk, not with interesting things like THIS >>>> to see along the way......grin.

Speaking of my loving wife, she has handed in her two week notice and is both excited and nervous about starting her new job. Funny thing is, she gets to wear scrubs to work just like me, so imagine the great big smile on my face when I realized that her clothing budget is going to go down drastically, just like mine. That, plus the fact she won't have an excuse (or be able to afford ) to get new shoes damn near every other week is the kind of monetary nirvana any man can appreciate....hehe.

I'm letting the hair grow out on the old noggin, and right now I feel like a hedgehog. If I'm not happy with it as it grows out, I may just mow it all back off again and keep the old dome sleek and shiny. Either way, barbers despise my kind.

That's all for now. Blessed be!


Buffalo said...

I'm bettin' she looks a whole lot better in scrubs than you do. Just a SWAG, but I'd bet anyway.

Steve said...

Buff don't really know what a swag is!