Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's a Zoo around here!

I was going to wait awhile before posting again, to see if anyone else was going to venture a comment on my last one. I got one comment on it, period. There could be two very good reasons for it. Or maybe three, but here's the first two that come to mind. One, most everybody took it seriously, personally, and rather than tell me what a jerk I am, simply walked away. Or, two, nobody really could think of a comeback worth the font. I have to admit, I was full of attitude on that last one, but I can assure anyone who for some reason might have taken offense to it, that it was not directed at anyone I know or blog with save those who have had a lobotomy recently. Or were thinking that a vote for Dubya was a good thing, even at this late stage of the ongoing catastrophe.

Either that or Blogger simply lost my comments.

So, I am going to post tonight as though my last post was a roaring success and blogger was so overwhelmed with comments it simply melted down.

A guy can dream, can't he?


Anyway, believe it or not, we have TWO new additions to the family here at Pendragon Hold. Yep, in addition to two cats, a dog, three goats, and a gecko, we now welcome to the family a pair of Southern flying squirrels. So far, I've not been asked by a disembodied voice in my head to build a very large ship in our back yard, but the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised.

AND, THE Wife has a new job. I'm not sure if I discussed this previously, but she has been on the lookout for something less brutal than the cut-throat retail sales hell she has been enduring for all these years, a job that would get her off her abused feet and give her better working hours. A friend who knows what a dependable and hard working person she is recommended her to her own boss at an optical shop and after not being able to hold on to someone younger for less money (Duh, you get what you pay for), has given in to her wage demand and has hired her! So, in two weeks, my loving and well-deserving wife will have a normal job with 9 to 5 hours with weekends and holidays off, as well as full-time hours instead of the thirty odd hours her present job calls full time. I'm so proud and happy for her!

Me, I'm stuck at my present job for all eternity because I like the paid time off, the three-day work week, and have to maintain health insurance for us, or for her, rather. Also, the chance of suffering a layoff in the health care industry is about as likely as the sun exploding. Oh fuck. I had to say that, didn't I?

THE Wife really took a shine to this shorn head of mine, and the reviews at work were pretty positive all told. I'm going to let it grow out a bit until I have experienced the various stages of hair length right up to short, then I'll decide wether or not I want to shave it back again or go hippy again. Either way, I'm not wasting money on haircuts.

The drought continues with plenty of fly-by showers that tease us with the smell of rain but drop it somewhere else. And, the state is still pretty much on fire. Stay tuned, when great big hurricanes come along to put out the fires.

This is our story here at Pendragon Hold, and I'm sticking to it.

Melinda should have won.


Buffalo said...

And soon the morning sun will shine on the Pendragon Keep. All is well with the world.

By the way, Kat likes your bald look and that is all good with me - as long as she doesn't start thinking I'm going to follow suit.

jules said...

I didn't comment because I couldn't think of anything to say. Or couldn't put it into words.

Sorry about your state being on fire. We're getting all the smoke what with the big East breeze that is coming our way.

How do you keep your cats, etc. from chasing the squirrels when they fly? Mine would be on them like ducks on june bugs.

Yeah for THE Wife on her new job! Great, Michael, now the sun will blow for sure! ;o)

I AM NOT looking forward to hurricane season. We've so much to do to prep for it. I hope it was like last year, but that is not what they are predicting. Something about El Nino, or La Nina, not being in place to steer them away like last year. Oh well. Button down the hatches and hold on tight is about all you can do. Or get the hell out of town. Not really an option for most folks.

Have a great weekend Michael. We're off to New Orleans to sail/race the weekend away.

Amber said...

Actually, Michael, I have trouble reading blogs with black backgrounds, especially if it's a long entry. My eyes see spots for several minutes afterwards so I tend to stop reading because it gets too painful for me. I'm sorry. :(

I did go back and read it after I read that you wanted more feedback, though (spots spots spots while I type right now! lol) and I agree with everything you said. I cannot for the life of me understand why people continue to believe in ancient religions or vote for Bush or any of those things. To me, it's as if they said they believe in the Easter Bunny or they voted for the guy living in a cardboard box under the freeway; it is THAT unfathomable.

I chalk it up to Vico, the philosopher. He says all societies go down the tubes the same way, reaching great heights, then sliding back into idolatry and ignorance again. It's a cycle and according to him, there is nothing to be done about it.

Depressing thought but at least it makes a little more sense than the Easter Bunny.