Thursday, May 10, 2007

Feel the Burn

It began as a day like any other day, save for the meteor that smacked into my neighbor's house and set off the meth lab he had set up in the kitchen. Just kidding. While the midwest has been getting flooded out, the drought we've been enduring here in the sunny South has encouraged a new industry; forest fires. The only real problem with forest fires is that they tend to creep into suburbs and such and burn them down as well. Fire is not very fickle. Then there's the smoke which is getting rather thick on those days that the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, wrong being the direction upwind of you. But, hey, at least it's not smog. I love my thick, respiratory system endangering smoke to be all natural, without all those artificial ingredients you get in train derailment conflagrations.

While all this burning has been going on, a cute little "sub-tropical" storm sorta appeared out of nowhere off the coast of South Georgia/North Florida and threatened to actually DAMPEN us. Yep, that's all 243 raging brush fires need my friends, is a smattering of moisture to tone all those flames down. Factor in the 45 mile per hour winds that brings that slightly moist air, and I think we could have done without the stupid "sorta-cane" altogether. I'm looking forward to hurricane season this year; we could really use the rain to put out the fires which are interfering with the clean-up efforts still underway from that last nasty hurricane season a couple of years ago.

Today's forecast is low eighties with the smell of rain in the air. Not much rain, if any, but there WILL be the smell of it.

I have been getting some really great sleep now that I've returned to the loving embrace of my own bed. It's almost like the bed performed a miracle healing on this pulled muscle. Maybe I should let the local catholics know I have a healing bed and charge them to spend a night on it. All I need now is to fashion a likeness of the Virgin Mary out of the wrinkles in the bed sheets, and I'm set.

I really love being married. Yea, I know, it sucks not having a variety of women to take various risks with (you know.....STD's and psychotic behaviors) or having to get someone else's grudging approval to do stupid or at least less-than-wise things, but the advantages are legend! The best one I am experiencing right now is this foray into the cue-ball zone. When one is single, there is always this nagging desire to appear appealing to the opposite sex in hopes that they will DO YOU, but being married relieves you of most of that angst; chances are she'll do you anyway, since she now knows, having taken the chance to find out, that sex with you is really not all that disgusting after all. AND, no matter what you do to your hair, grow it, or get rid of it altogether, she's still familiar with the baseline YOU she has come to love and tolerate, and you will continue to get the nooky. The only way you are not going to get the nooky is by doing something really stupid, which explains why married men do NOT get the 24/7 sex that single men assume they do. We bad.

Anyway, life is good, the blogs are good, it's all good, as long as you don't count the rising death toll in Iraq, the continuing insanity in Washington, and the ever increasing effects of global warming, now playing in more localities than ever. At least I am in great company. You guys have been really supportive of my existence and you'll never know how much I appreciate it. Till next time........

Blessed be!


melinda said...

love the analogy on being married and sex

Steve said...

There was me thinking I was being abusive.....shit!
I am gonna have to change my tact!
Can't have ya thinking I like ya or anythjing like that.....
I do have a reputation to degenerate.......

Do they do that in the USA????
I'll be blowed....learn somefing nnew all the time........
Stay away from dem fires....

sorry mate caring side came out again....I'll have to see the Doc and get on them hate everyone pills

Kindness said...

We are bracing ourselves out here for the fire season... geez... we used to call it summer.

Love the recent pics too! I actually shaved my head about five years ago! No big deal... it all grows back but that feeling of freedom I had!!! WOW!