Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Generally, I really don't care much for "classical" music, but sooooooooometimes..............


Kindness said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing!!!

Buffalo said...

Damn! That really is good.

Steve said...

That was awesome!
And it sounds familiar.
I remember being brought up on classical music and I hated it.
Found Deep Purple as a way of rebelling but guess what?
They do classical stuff too!

round and round we go...........

Davo said...

Hello, have just been "upgrading" my links list and have just discovered that you've moved. Been a while since have been over your way, but don't hold that against me .. have been busy standing on my head
(from the point of view from your location .. heh.)

Have to say that can't give this version of Pachelbel's Canon a "rave review". It's a "compilation" and the the audio from my speaker system is somewhat distorted.

In the middle of it you'll catch glimpses of a young lad with grey cap pulled down over his eyes, and who probably started it all.

Have a squizz at this one.

Has over 24 mill views, and the version that I prefer, if only for the simplicity of the image. Became a world wide detective story, trying to find out who "funtwo" was, but he "raised his cap" some time ago. Would have to do some digging (again) to give you his name, but is around, somewhere.

Cheers and best wishes from Australia (and I really did love the way you wrote on "Dances with Leaves".