Monday, April 02, 2007


This is day five, I think, without having had one cigarette, and each day seems easier than the last. Aside from my knock-down-drag-out fight with this demon, the spring has brought with it much for me to do in the great outdoors, that being my yard. I envy you guys in the North, where the trees drop their leaves in the fall and get it over with. Here, many of these oaks keep their leaves year long, and do a major shedding in the spring. So, on top of the huge piles of leaves from last fall, I have a new dusting of oak leaves to rake up as well. Mulch, anyone?

THE wife has started her injections (she gets her second one today) in her knee, and last night decided to catch some sort of cold or flu. Poor thing! Add to that a very painful knot on the bottom of her foot, called a Morton's neuroma, and life has not exactly been fun for her. We can't seem to resolve one problem before another rears it's ugly head. That's life, I guess.

Well, gang, I really HAVE been pretty occupied as of late and I know it's been reflected in this blog as well as my contributions to Freedom's Place. Anyway, I have decided that I need a rest from the obligations of maintaining an award-winning web publication (that award has been in the mail for quite some time now, hee hee) and will take a short sabbatical. Hopefully, I can get back on an even keel and leap back into the blogging fray before anyone actually notices I'm gone. So, check back in once a week if you don't already have some notice thing set up and you'll be treated to more of the insanity you have come to love so well. I should be back up to speed in a week or two, or three, or...........whenever.

I will continue to visit all my brethren (AND sistheren) to see how you're doing, so you'll know I'm still breathing. If I kick this habit altogether, I might be breathing a couple of extra years. I WOULD like to be here when global warming brings the beach to MY little acre of sand as the sea levels rise. Wouldn't THAT be a hoot!

Until I return.........



jules said...

Good Luck to you Michael. With the quitting smoking AND the leaf battle (I'm fighting that one here too). Whenever you get back, I'll be here.

Buffalo said...

Glad you are whipping the demon. It surely ain't easy.

Steve said...

Take Care Mate and come back soon.

Homo Escapeons said...

Don't stay in the RW too long or we'll have to send in a deprogrammer.
This is the Real World.

Good Luck fightin the sticks...physical activity and steely resolve are all you've got.

Hope your wife's treatments prevail and both of you feel vibrant, healthy and strong!

Enjoy Spring.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Blessed be to the fight against nicotine ... saying a prayer. xo, JP

gautami tripathy said...

Good luck.

And be good wherever you are.

I_Wonder said...

Enjoy your sabbatical. However, I hope it's not a year as many are. Make it a short sabbatical. Best wishes to both of you.

Kindness said...

i've been gone a long time too. no worries. i will check back often as i love this blog. take a break as you need. i start my smoking cessation classes today. congratulations are in order for your success. take care.