Sunday, April 22, 2007

Every Day

Every day is one more day having to decide not to smoke a cigarette.

Every day is another day wondering if it's to late to make a difference.

Every day the alarm clock goes off and I decide to be a good soldier and get up.

Every day I somehow avoid homelessness.

Every day I worry about things I never did before, like an added pound.

Every day it feels like limbo.

Every day I am amazed at how many times we repeat our mistakes.

Every day I see something on my body age-related. That wasn't there before.

Every day is closer to the end than the day before.

Every day I bury my regrets and move on.

Every day I decide to love someone who loves me.

Every day is amazing.


Footpad said...


I agree completely.

-- f

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a bitterwseet post that ends in redemption. Wonderful job. JP

Amber said...

Agree! :)

You know, Dan quit chewing tobacco over a year ago, now. He'd done it for 20 years. It was continual; he *always* had a bit in his mouth. He would wake up cranky every morning until he got his "fix".

But he made it. He got through. It was horrible for him the first two weeks, then it gradually got easier.

I know you can do this, Michael. Dan is grateful each day, too, he's so happy he quit! So am I.

For both of you. :)

jules said...

Every day is a wonder, if you only look for it.
Congrats on the not smoking Michael. It is so worth it.

Steve said...

I love you man........everyday

melinda said...

beautifully written

Cazzie!!! said...

Every day is a bonus :)