Saturday, March 03, 2007

Digital Nirvana, Full Moon Frolics, & Cool Turkey

Well, I had to remove the TV from the box to get it in THE Daughter's car, but that did the trick, and I got it home. After getting it inside, switching it out with the old set, pulling some cables and hooking a fewer new ones up, and letting the set scan the airwaves for signals, we now have a TV that not only displays a fantastic picture from the DVD player, but also brings in a few digital channels which are crystal clear. However, this is off the old rabbit ears that I've been using with the old TV, which DOES bring in a few strong digital signals, but not all of them, so I took those same rabbit ears and hauled them up on the roof, using an extension cord and extra long coax cable, and found that from up high, I can pull in just about all the digital channels. So, I guess I will have to shell out for some sort of outside antenna if I want to take full advantage of this state of the art wonder.

The numbing agents they used on THE Wife's knee must now be wearing off, because she is complaining about knee pain once again. Considering the state of her knee all told, I am not surprised, and I'm confident that the pain will go away once she's had those lubricating injections. Plus, she DID just have a couple of holes cut into her knee, then inflated with water, so one would expect some post-op discomfort from all that manipulation.

This anti-smoking medication is working, in strange ways. I am starting to get the same physical symptoms I usually get when I try to quit on my own, which is the feeling of a knot in my stomach, or a bloated feeling. I am having fewer cigarettes, and when I do, they don't seem to do anything for me, which I figure is the effect the pills are having in blocking my nicotine receptors. I'm not having the panic attacks I usually have simply thinking of the idea of not having a cigarette, but that might be simply because I DO have cigarettes available to me and am still smoking......I won't really know until the seventh day when I am expected to stop altogether. We'll see...........

There is a full moon tonight, so, you who follow this wicked coven might know, we will be having a full moon rite to honor the Goddess, and maybe cast a few spells.
I just hope the eclipse doesn't dampen the power, nor the cloud cover obscure her altogether. At least the rain seems to be over.

I know I am boring the hell out of my loyal readership by now, so perhaps tomorrow or the next day, I will try and construct something awe-inspiring to post over at Freedom's Place, which unfortunately will get buried by the already awesome stuff that my fellow bloggers are creating there. I am in such good company there, as I am sure you all agree.

Till then, Blessed Be!


Buffalo said...

I always wanted to play Mario Brothers on a big screen, high definition, TV

Whitesnake said...

Boring? Boring?

You Boring?

Homo Escapeons said...

Aw I hope that there is something available for her knees...mine are clicking when I go upstairs now and I don't even want to think about what that means.
Good luck with the puffing..I quit once for about 10 is very hard to do on your own and they should give people medals for doing it.
Be careful with the TV..I have found myself watching a bit too much this is easier than blogging...screen sucking on either is a bit worrisome...I need some warm weather to get back outdoors...only two more months!

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

You are not... I repeat... NOT BORING. I am. Me me me me me... I am boring and lazy too.

Keep up the good work on the not smoking thing... I am... well... still struggling...