Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Now We Can Hang TOGETHER, as Well as Seperately!

My fellow bloggohaulics, the deed is done! After carefully weighing the votes it appears that the name "Freedom's Place" has barely edged out all the others. I personally was rooting for it since it was suggested, even though I personally suggested "Reason's Refuge". FP is a fine name and I want to thank morningstar for seeding it, and Whitesnake for fleshing it out. Every name you guys suggested, with the exception perhaps of DILLIGAF (Whitesnake's initial ornery offering), was a fine one and would have served us well. Thank you all for your inspired participation!

Along with the launch of Freedom's Place, I sent out invites to participate to every member that I could get an email for. If you did not receive an invite from Blogger to participate in this blog, please let me know, providing an address, and I will get it sent out posthaste. Also, if your mug or graphic is not showing up in the slideshow, please send me something I can use to represent you. AND, if you are not a contributing member, but feel that you have been poking around this place long enough to be considered one, please do not hesitate to email me and say so. Also, if you found yourself in our group by surprise, and didn't exactly wish to be associated with us, please accept my apology for assuming that you belonged with us, and I will remove you, but I hope you'll wish to remain. If you happen to be here, it's because you matter.

For posting, please adhere to these simple guidelines. Include your pic or graphic with the post, sorta like a columnist would in the paper. Try to keep the obscenities to a minimum (something I have been known to be very guilty of....hehe) and please do not use our forum to launch any attacks that might reflect badly on the rest of us. This is not to say I am asking for any real censorship here, just a tad bit of respect. That being said, anything you wish to say about a certain emperor of a superpower is fine by me, as long as you don't mind having black vans parked outside your door.

So, welcome to your new community. Each and every one of you have been adopted into a family that could never have existed before Blogger came along, and I am very proud to be a part of it. I realize that your own personal blogs come first, all I ask is that you drop in on us at least a weekly basis and add your own two cents worth to whatever happens to be going on. Since you will be posting rather than simply commenting, you have the room to add your own take to the discussion, along with your own personal flavor, such as pics and poetry, and yes, even your face, Tim. Speaking of faces........if there are any enhancements you wish to contribute to Freedom's Place, perhaps with photoshop, feel free to email your concept to me and we'll work to get it incorporated.

If there are any other bloggers that you guys know that might be interested in joining our community, please feel free to recommend them. The more the merrier.
So, without further ado, please glance over to the links and click on the link to your new home. Just wipe your feet before coming in.........smile.


jules said...

Drat Michael. Have to have a blogger account? Please Please Please, let me comment as other. Please. I won't cuss I promise!

THE Michael said...

Now jules, what is this allergy you have to belonging to Blogger? It would do you good to start your own blog, I mean, look at what it's done to us! hmmmmm.......on second thought.......

Comments will always be more than welcome in Freedom's place, my mysterious friend.

Homo Escapeons said...

No f*cking way am I going to kowtow to these puritannical rules and acquiesce to 'the man'
...who got you..CIA, FBI, Disney?

I thought that we were an autonomous collective!
Just kidding thanks for doing all of the heavy lifting it looks great..are we going get Jose Cuervo as a sponsor..that would be awesome!

jules said...

Michael, I really really really want to comment on Freedom's Place. Please Please Please???!?!?!

The Bloggers of Freedom's Place said...

Damn! I'm sorry, jules, I forgot to turn off the "Don't let jules comment on this blog" feature! It's fixed now, so go comment to your hearts' content........grin.

jules said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (jumping for joy here, clapping my hands) ;o)