Saturday, January 06, 2007

Birth of a Nation, the Continuing Saga.......

I know it seems as though I've up and disappeared, but in reality, aside from the daily grind of my own reality, I have been working on the group blog and trying to get some consensus on the name of it, without much luck. I did not publish the votes for the community name in order not to influence the outcome, which in retrospect might have been a mistake, because, sigh, no two people voted for the same name. However, the choices so far DID get narrowed just a bit, so I am going to publish those, and try one more time. I am also going to publish the comments to the last post so that you can see the spread and each person's reasoning. I hope that helps.

I will need all of the contributing bloggers to send me their email addresses in order to "invite" them to contribute. That seems to be the mechanism Blogger uses to approve contributing members who can write to the blog. I thought that as Administrator I could just add your names, but it's not that straightforward, apparently. So.......if your name is on the list, please send your email to me at so that I can get the invites out. I promise you will not get in return any sales pitches for penis enlargement or herbal viagra.

Please choose from the following.........

Freedom's Place
Lower Slobovia
Reason's Refuge

and don't forget to forward those emails to me ASAP, please.

Sheesh, democracy is a messy affair...........


Buffalo said...


whitesnake said...

Okey dokey I 2 choice's
In order.
Freedoms Place
Reason's Refuge

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I put in my votes on the other post .... BUT, I do have a request for our new community blog -- NO comment moderation, i.e. "waiting for blog approval" ... I love you Michael, but damn, it's a serious pet peeve of mine (right up there with musical ringtomes!!)
xo, JP

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...


Homo Escapeons said...

Reason's Refuge has a nice ring to it.

I sincerely hope that your group prospers and lives long.
Coincidentally my new Blog is called FreeDUMBocracy.
Unlike your noble lofty goals I fully intend to spread the seeds of DUMBocracy and fertilizer so thick enough that it will stick to your ribs ...
and let me make one thing perfectly clear, penile enhancement will be at the forefront of my list of basic human rights because all men are NOT created equal..
and just what the hell is herbal viagara, some sort of vaginal irritant like Spanish Fly?
Just ignore me, I am confused and somewhat slightly dazed because I have been celebrating David Bowie's 60th Birthday all day long!

littleone said...

ok .. she says still squeaking loudly.. i emailed you... but will post my vote for all to see..

Freedom's Place...


Miss Cellania said...

Wow, all this has passed over my head. I just found a referral from a place called Freedom's Place and there I was listed as an author! What? Did I agree to this? If not, I'll agree anyhow. And what is this blog going to be about? My email address is

THE Michael said...

Ms C, I apologize if it seems I took some liberty in including you, and I thank you for humoring me.

As it's name implies, you are free to let your muse loose and post anything that strikes your fancy. I know you are terribly busy being the "Incredible Ms Cellania", but an occassional contribution to our madness would be more than welcome.

Jane, I turned off the moderation. If any "poison" slips thru, I'll take care of it. blog? COOOOOOOOL!