Monday, January 21, 2008


Ladies and germs, it has been brought to our attention here at Pendragon Hold that some of the functionality of this illustrious Blog, namely the comments and links, have been compromised for some strange reason known only to the geeks at Blogger. So, in the spirit of providing you, our loyal readers, all three or four of you, with the outstanding reading experience that fans of this Blog have come to expect, I have moved TTEM lock, stock and barrel over to a whole new blog, identical in every way except for appearance, content, layout, photography, and price of admission.

Now, since the links are not working for everybody visiting THIS site, I have provided this ULR ( so that you can drift on over to the new location and record the new link. Please let me know if you encounter any difficulty in this transition.

If this does NOT solve our problem, please feel free to rise up in rage, frustration, and bloodlust, and storm the gates of Blogger, hauling the architects of this outrageous outrage upon our sensibilities to the guillotine, where their arrogant heads shall be parted from their body and donated to the "noggins of love" foundation, who will in turn provide them to unfortunate victims of decapitation accidents.

Again, thank you for your loyalty, patience, and bags of cash that you have and will continue to lend to us who love you all so much we stayed up past bedtime to fix this thing.


Amber said...

Well, I'm not having a problem with leaving or reading your comments or clicking on your links (I chose 3 random links and they came right up), so I would have to assume the problem is with Blogger having issues at some point or whatever reader (or you) had/has a problem it's at their/your end, and not your blog.

I was getting comments sent to me by Haloscan the last few days but they were not showing up on the website. I also could not see my last post on our Mac for some reason, dunno why. It showed up the next day.

Again, who knows? But these things come and go.

Steve said...

It seems to be working now
Goody goody goody!

Now what wasya saying?

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I am not having an issue either. Perhaps blogger decided to play with you....smiles.

Kindness said...

just to say... I love you man! Been absent for so long but wanted to say... I love you man!