Friday, September 21, 2007

Extinction Level Events

Within the span of a month, two of the best bloggers ever to put font to phosphor have retired from blogging, apparently forever, leaving a shocked and bereaved audience in their wake. I am not one of those bloggers.

I personally have taken a minor sabbatical in order to concentrate on getting through a major "circumstance" here at Pendragon Hold, but I intend to report on what has transpired as soon as I have the time and energy to devote to it in a manner befitting such a post. But I am NOT riding off into the sunset, at least not yet. When someone who does not like us has set off an electromagnetic pulse high in the atmosphere over this nation of ours and burned out all ability to blog, I MIGHT consider retiring, but until that time comes, I shall continue to allow these thoughts to escape me for your consideration.

Yes, I fully realize that life consists of more than blogging about it, and yes, I realize that sometimes blogging cuts into living life to it's utmost, but I personally have plenty enough room around the edges of the life I lead to write about it, perhaps because it has slowed down to a crawl compared to the hectic and otherwise action packed lives others appear to be leading. Besides reporting on the sleep inspiring drama that makes life so interesting here, I DO have ideas and opinions that I care to share on occasion. If nothing else, it's the one way I know to shout to the universe that I, THE Michael, was HERE! Whether or not anyone actually cares about that is, well, up to them.

Don the Homoesapian and Buffalo the literate biker extrordinaire have been a very important part of my universe since I met them so long ago, and they will be leaving a mighty big hole in my psyche as they go forth to do their own things and not share it with the rest of us. That is their prerogative. I wish them both the best in their retirement. I would indeed die a much better death if only I could share at least one beer with each of them before my time comes.

Stay tuned. I can't afford to retire, so you're all stuck with me. You have my condolences.


Buffalo said...

About time you got off your butt and pecked out a few words. It saves me from having to scan the obituary.

In spite of enjoying your kind words re Buffalo, I gotta tell you that although Buffalo's Path had reached -30- there will be a new blog in the near future.

Paul said...

July 27 until September 21 with only one small note between. Sounds like semi-retirement to me. Glad you're on your way back.

Miss Cellania said...

I'm glad you are technically still around! And I'm glad to hear Buffalo is planning a comeback. I just heard about Homo Escapeons today. We will be the poorer for him being gone.

Whitesnake said...

There was me thinking you had died and found out there is a God!