Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Prodigal Blogger returns.......

I know what you are thinking. "Where have you BEEN, THE Michael? Did you fall off the face of the Earth?"

Of course not.

I'm getting to heavy.

Anyway, here I am, back to grace your retina with another exciting episode of "THE Life of THE Michael, his Loving Wife, his sidekick canine Shiloh, and various other terrestrial life forms sharing their little acre of sand on the outskirts of the largest metropolitan area unknown to most people." It's called Jacksonville, Florida, in case your interested. The area, that is.

I'm listening to RAM, that old classic album by Paul McCartney and Wings while I type this post. Anybody remember that one? Anybody willing to admit to it? He he........

All kinds of weird and not-so-wonderful things have been happening since I last reported. The conveyance was making all kinds of strange, buzzing, grinding, "something just might fly out the side of this car at any moment" type noises for the last several weeks, getting progressively worse with each passing day, while I'm wondering what the hell I'm going to do for a way to work if our baby craps out on us (a baby we are still making payments on, I might add). Then, here I am perusing thru my wallet for no particular reason I can think of and guess what I come across? The super-premium extended drive-train warranty we payed for when we bought our Focus used back in 2004. With only about 4 thousand miles left before it expired! For only a deductible of $50, all the engine and transmission mounts were replaced and now our baby is quiet and not about to explode on us. As my buddy Buffalo likes to say, "Life is sweet.......".

One of our twins, the one I have referred to as being the "Evil" one, decided to move herself lock, stock, and barrel out to Arizona to be with a gentleman she met on the internet. I say "gentleman", because if any harm comes to her through no fault of her own, he will cease to be one and will suffer the consequences accordingly. Like parents anywhere, we do worry about our offspring, no matter how old they happen to get. We HAVE met him, once, and he didn't APPEAR to be a serial killer, but first impressions can sometimes be so off..........just ask my mother-in-law. Grin.

In order to make this as epic an episode as possible, I have included several photos of various things having to do with life here at Pendragon Hold. This here is our idea of what a bar should look like.

This one is a pic of my shrine to The Beatles. No, I don't worship them. Well, maybe a little.........

these are things we grew in our garden.

This is a picture of THE Wife getting a gander at that one veggie. The long one with the bumps on it. Did I mention what a perv my wife can be sometimes?

This is the all-time favorite place in our household.

Anyway, if you didn't already know, the wife has a new job and although she is having to learn new things, she really is enjoying herself, and is doing very well. She even gets to wear scrubs, just like me!

Somehow I volunteered myself to be a guest author on a blog called "The Gun-Toting Liberal", a slightly left-of-center political blog with many talented commentators participating. I am humbled to be amongst them. These guys are talented, to say the least.

I'm sorry I made you wait so long for a post, but I DO have a life, a life so boring it hardly ever rates a post in a blog. However, feel free to stop in on occasion in case some sort of inspiration smacks me upside the head and I actually post something worth reading. Ya never know!


Whitesnake said...

The BAR, needs topping up!

littleone said...

ok ok.. i have a very important..almost URGENT question to ask...........

how big is your bathroom?? measurements please???

and before you delete thinking i have finally ..totally and completely .. lost my marbles... i LOVE the bath tub.. am trying to scrape enough money together to renovate my bathroom .. which is soooooo tiny it must have been an afterthought.... but i oh so love your bathtub...... would it fit in a tiny bathroom.......about 4 feet 11 inches by 7 feet i think.. i don't own a measuring tape.. and using a school ruler does tend to cause errors.......

cheeky grin


Kindness said...

Hey there friend! I have been gone so long as well... Just have not been up to blogging or commenting lately... dunno why... but, when I read the evil twin is out here in Arizona... well... if he turns out to not be such a gentleman... my offer is to go kill him with kindness... :)

I_Wonder said...

When you visit the Evil Twin, you MUST stop by my part of the world.