Monday, October 30, 2006

Come to Valhalla

The news from Iraq is getting rather distressing, as I try and hold off the feeling of another war, another time, another body count. Last time, the numbers began to accumulate to the point it became numbing, and young people began to flood the streets, at first alone, then joined by soldiers returned from the Nam, then the families of the fallen, until our voice became overwhelming, and our anguish was not to be denied. We did not "win" that war, and we will not "win" this one. In honor of my fallen brothers, I offer up this short poem, inspired by an old Elton John song, and I thank them for their service, even as I pray my vote will bring their brethren home to us.

Seek, you'll find your place with me
Men of Iron
Men of Steel
Only the brave hear the hammers ring
in the court of the Queen
and the hall of the King

You can
Come to Valhalla
in your own time
Come to Valhalla
and you will find



Buffalo said...

Ya know, I would have found your new abode a whole lot quicker if I had known all of your links were at the bottom of the freakin' page.

Yes, I'm bitching. That's my nature.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a beautiful, sad and poignant post. Yes, the parallels cannot be ignored and I truly hope that your vote, my vote, and many others will send a message that this madness has to stop. Looking forward to seeing what adventures await your readers at this new blog! JanePoe

THE Michael said...

Thank you Jane.